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Succulent basics: how to care for your mini Succulents

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Succulents are classed as one of the easiest house plants to care for.

  1. Make Sure Your Succulents Get Enough Light. ..

  2. Rotate Succulents Frequently. ...

  3. Water According to the Season. ...

  4. Water the Soil Directly. ...

  5. Keep Succulents Clean. ...

  6. Choose a Container with Drainage. ...

  7. Plant Succulents in the Right Soil. ...

  8. Get Rid of Bugs. ...

  9. Fertilise in the right season. ...

Make Sure Your Succulents Get Enough Light

Make sure you put them in a bright spot with no direct sunlight. Some succulents like direct sunlight but make sure your variety can handle it otherwise you will end up burning your succulents.

Rotate Succulents Frequently

If you have owned succulents before you notice that they start to grow in one way and then you wonder how they do it in nurseries where they look perfectly symmetrical and grow upright. This is how. You need to rotate your mini succulents away from the sun. This means that you need to face them away from the sun. They will then try and face the light which will keep them growing upright and not to one side.

Water According to the Season

Mini succulents are very easy to keep because they don’t need a lot of water. This means that mini succulents can go a long time between watering. If you are killing your succulents it most lightly is because you are watering them too much. When in doughy do not water your succulents. Succulents will die if they get watered too often but they will not die if you miss a watering or two. Succulents are best watered once every two weeks. make sure they are soaked through. You can let them sit in water for 30minutes to one hour if needed to make sure the soil is soaked through. In the winter succulents need even less water. They can go four weeks between watering to even two months. So make sure you don't overwater your succulents in the winter. Watering your succulents once every two weeks may seem not enough to a beginner and this may be the reason why you are killing your succulents.

Water the Soil Directly

Make sure when you are watering your succulents that you don’t water the forage. You only water the soil. If water gets trapped in between the leaves and stays there too long it can start to root the plant. So even if you are watering the plant as needed you can still end up killing your succulents in this way. Once one leaf strata to root it will most lightly spread throughout the plant and kill it.

Keep Succulents Clean

Most succulents like a lot of light. Keeping your succulents clean will help them photosynthesis as much sunlight as possible, especially in the winter. If you see your succulent getting leggy and long it means it is not getting enough light. It can be as simple as keeping them clean by running them under the tap and washing off any dust, making sure to shake off any excess water to prevent their leaves from rotting. Another simple solution could be changing one of your sidelight lightbulbs to an ultraviolet light bulb And placing your succulent under it.

Choose a Container with Drainage

It is important that you use a container with drainage holes because this will help if you ever overwater them. Any excess water will come out of the drainage holes. Some succulent moms and dads like to water from the bottom. They place their succulents in water to let them soak and then place them back in their ceramic pots once the top of the soil is wet. This makes sure that the soil is soaked through.

Others like to add water at the bottom of the ceramic pot and empty any that is still left after an hour or so. If you are an experienced succulents mom or dad you can get away from potting them in something without drainage holes. For example, succulent terrariums do not have drainage holes but they are made in a way that creates the perfect environment for succulent plants as long as you do not ever water them.

Plant Succulents in the Right Soil

Succulents do not need a lot of soil to grow in this is why they are easy to keep and popular as thank you gifts and wedding favours. They can be plated in a very small pot with little soil for years. Soil is important here because some soil can retain water and stay soggy for days. This is very bad news for succulents because they can start to rot if the soil stays soggy for more than a couple of days. Once your succulents start to rot there is no way of saving them.

The best thing to do is buy a specialised succulent or cactus soil and if you don't have that on hand or want to make your own soil you can mix sand or small stones in your soil to help it drain faster. If you are making your own soil make sure you water your succulents only when the soil is dry all the way through.

Get Rid of Bugs

Getting rid of bugs on your succulents is a must. Mealybugs are very common on succulents and hard to get rid of. They are white and fluffy looking. Scale is another one that is even harder to get rid of. they are flat, shiny, and sticky to the touch. The best way to prevent a bug infestation on your succulents is to keep them clean and dust them off once in a while by running them under the tap and letting the water wash off any bugs and dust. One other way is to spray them lightly with bug spray once a month as a prevention. But if you do have an infestation you would need to wash your plant and spray it with bug spray weeksly.

Fertilise in the right season

You don't have to but if you would like to see your succulent flourish and grow well you can fertilise it. Make sure you fertilise it in the right season. All plants have dormant seasons which you can notice on succulents very easily. Depending on the variety of succulents and where it has come from, the North or South hemisphere will depend on when you will need to fertilise. You will know when it is time to fertilise your succulents because you will see a change in their growth pattern. when they start actively growing its time to feltilise. Make sure not to fertilise your succulents too much because that can make them unhappy. Once a month and as advised on the direction of use, depending on the ferliliser you buy should be ideal.

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