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Succulent Bridal Bouquet vs Wedding Flower Bouquet

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Succulents are becoming a very popular plant theme to use for at weddings. Especially mini succulent favours. Why not spread the succulent wedding theme right through to your wedding bouquet?

The top reason why succulent bouquets are better than flower bouquets for your wedding is that succulent bouquets will never wilt flowers do. Succulents can stay alive and looking healthy for weeks once they have been cut. If there is enough humidity in the air they will start growing roots and stay alive fore longer.

Wedding succulent bouquets can be prepared days to weeks before the wedding and they will still look just as fresh from the first day they were made. If you are brave and want to give it a try you could make your own DYI succulents wedding bouquet that can be prepared weeks in advance.

Unlike flower bouquets that have to be made the day off and florists have to go to great lengths to keep them fresh.

The best part about having a succulent bridal bouquet is that you can keep all those succulents and keep growing them for years after your wedding day. You can keep growing them as a bouquet or separate your succulent bouquet and make each one of the succulents into a mini succulent plant for your home or pass them on to your wedding party as gifts knowing they came from your bridal succulent bouquet.

Mini Succulents make for a very cute thank you gift for all your guests. They are the easiest house plant to keep with very little care.

With a flower wedding bouquet, you would be lucky if you could revive it to keep it as a flower arrangement for a week or two after your wedding. This is why some people decide to dry their wedding bouquets as a keepsake.

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